‘Unique Extras’ is a project funded by the NZ  Government’s Think Differently campaign to improve attitudes and behaviours towards people who experience disability.

The project aims to increase the appreciation of disabled and Deaf people’s talents in the media by portraying diversity in a low-key, regular manner – without over-emphasising the issue of disability – in tv series, films and advertising.

One of our objectives is to raise awareness and understanding of disability by bringing images of disabled people engaging in “regular” activities to the screens of New Zealanders. We will increase the personal relevance of diversity for all New Zealanders by reminding them that disabled people are part of their daily lives.

The project will mobilise personal and community action for positive change by requiring actors and crew to engage equally with disabled people and discuss this with family and friends. It will address the social environment that tolerates or accepts exclusion of disabled people by modelling natural inclusion.

‘Unique Extras’ is part of the UNQLE (Unique Social Change) movement managed by Diversityworks Trust Inc. Executive Director Philip Patston had a ten-year career as a comedian and entertainer, which inspired the Unique Extras project.